Cooper Early Education Center

Health Issues

Health Issues

Health Issues

· The school must have up-to-date medical information regarding chronic health problems. 

· If your child has asthma, food allergies, diabetes, seizure disorder or is taking medication regularly, please notify the school nurse.

· In some cases, a release of information that allows the nurse to communicate with the child’s doctor in the event of an emergency or to provide feedback about a medication’s effectiveness may be requested.

· Over-the-counter medications may be given with signed permission from parents. (Forms available in school office.)

· Hearing, vision, speech and language screenings are done regularly at selected grades.  If screening results indicate a concern or problem, parents will be notified.

· If a student is found to have live lice while at school, the parent or emergency contact person will be contacted to come to take the child home for treatment. The child will be excluded from the classroom until treatment has occurred. The family consultant or nurse at the center will contact the family for completion of treatment at home. This completion of treatment will include checking all family members & contacts for lice, treating the environment with a variety of topical treatments proven to be effective against head lice. Nits should be removed from the child’s head.  Oral and written information is given to the student’s family to finish treatment prior to returning to school.  This process should not take an extended amount of time.