Cooper Early Education Center

Interagency Coordinating Council

The ICC is made up of Community Agencies working together to enhance early childhood services in our community.






The purposes of the Harvey County Early Intervention Executive Council are:

1. To maintain a multidisciplinary team to insure that a comprehensive service
delivery system of integrated services is available in Harvey County to its
children who are at risk for developmental disabilities from birth through age
five and their families.

2. To serve as the Advisory Council for the Harvey County Parents As Teachers
Organization and the Harvey County Infant-Toddler Program .

3. To provide a liaison to the Harvey County Partnership/Communities In Schools for the
Infant/Toddler Program and Parents As Teachers Program.


The basic mission of early intervention is to provide the necessary services to enable young children who experience developmental problems to progress toward the maximum of their abilities. When these services are provided in a timely and appropriate manner, the need for further intervention can often be reduced or eliminated.

The Executive Council believes that a variety of resources is necessary in providing an array of services that meets the needs of children and families. Identification of agency resources and community needs is a primary function of the Executive Council. Identifying service gaps and eliminating areas of service duplication are crucial in maximizing available resources and improving services. The intent of the Executive Council is to ensure that services are accessible, appropriate and delivered in a timely manner to the maximum extent possible. The Executive Council also provides a means for disseminating early intervention information and prevention material.

The family should be a primary focus in assessment and intervention activities. A high priority should be given to collaborating with the family to meet the developmental needs of young children. These services should be multidisciplinary, and to the maximum extent possible delivered in settings which are typical for young children and which include normally developing children, when it is in the best interest of the child.

(Adopted from the Kansas State Mission Statement)


1. Solicit information and opinions from concerned agencies, groups, and individuals on proposed
policies and recommendations for the delivery of health, education and social services to meet the
needs of young children from birth through age three with or at risk of disabling conditions and of
their families.

2. Establish appropriate committees to perform tasks, gather information and explore issues that
will maintain and/or improve service delivery.

3. Disseminate information about the activities of the Executive Council and its actions to local service
providers, parents, advocacy organizations, the Harvey County Partnership/Communities in Schools,
and other interested parties.

4. Develop and implement a community plan for young children from birth through age three with or
at risk of disabling conditions, and for their families.

5. Develop interagency agreements to promote a comprehensive service delivery system.

As provided in PL 108-446, IDEA 2004, Part C, and KAR 28-4-565 (need to change from P.L. 99-457, Part C, Section 682(e) Harvey County Early Intervention Executive Council will:

6. Advise and assist the lead agency in implementing Part C by:

a. Identification and utilization of fiscal supports for service system.

b. Preparation of Part C and other grant applications and any and all required reports.

c. Develop and implement policies for community based service system.

d. Achieve full participation, coordination and cooperation of community agencies.

e. Effectively implement and maintain a delivery system with a process that: seeks information
from service providers, case managers, parents and others regarding policies that impede
timely effective service delivery.

7. Assist the lead agency in identifying and resolving problems in the service delivery, and to the
extent appropriate resolve disputes between members.

8. Advise and assist the lead agency in implementing Parents As Teachers by:

a) Identification and utilization of fiscal supports for service systems.

b) Preparation of Parents As Teachers grant applications and any and all required reports.

c) Provides support for the development and promotion of the Parents As Teachers program

d) Provides input into program planning and evaluation


The membership of the Harvey County Early Intervention Executive Council may consist of representatives of the public and private sector and family members who by virtue of their position, interest and training can contribute to the quality of services provided to children and their families. The Harvey County Early Intervention Executive Council will also consist of a representative from the lead agency who will be the liaison to Communities in Schools of Harvey County.


1. Each participating agency will determine the length of appointment for its representative.

2. Failure of a representative to attend three (3) consecutive meetings in a year shall result in an
appeal to their agency for renewed commitment.

3. Representatives should notify the Harvey County Early Intervention Executive Council in writing of
resignation. The vacancy should be filled by the representative’s agency within thirty (30) days.


The officers of the Executive Council shall consist of the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and Secretary. They shall be elected by the Executive Council as a whole at the April quarterly meeting each year, and shall take office at the first meeting on or after the following July 1.

A. The term of office for the Officers shall be one year. Any or all of the Officers may be reelected
for any number of terms.

B. The duties of the Officers shall be the usual duties of persons in those offices.


The Executive Council shall meet at least quarterly in a setting that is accessible to persons with disabilities. Additional meetings may be scheduled, as needed, as determined by the Chairperson.

A. Each member present at the meeting is entitled to one vote. Decisions of the Executive Council
shall be made by a simple majority vote of the members present.

B. In order to avoid a conflict of interest, no member shall cast a vote on any matter which would
provide financial benefit to that member, or otherwise give the appearance of a conflict of
interest under State Law.

C. Agendas for the meetings shall be drawn up by the Coordinator, working with the Executive
Council Chairperson. Any member wishing to place an item on the agenda should notify the
Coordinator two weeks in advance.


The Harvey County Early Intervention Executive Council shall determine a lead agency for Infant-Toddler Part C services at the April quarterly meeting.

The Lead Agency shall assist the Executive Council to:

1. Be responsible for the general supervision and monitoring of programs and activities to
assure an effective and timely delivery system.

2. Keep abreast of changes in state and federal policies relating to Part C, and inform
participating agencies.

3. Actively encourage full participation, coordination and collaboration of member agencies.

4. With the assistance of the Executive Council:

a) Prepare Part C grant applications and any reports required by the State.

b) Keep informed and make full utilization of fiscal supports for the service system.

c) Identify and endeavor to resolve problems in service delivery.

5. Oversee performance of assigned staff on a day to day basis.

6. Keep a central file of policies and procedures.


The Harvey County Early Intervention Executive Council shall determine a fiscal agent for Infant – Toddler Part C services at the April quarterly meeting.

The fiscal agent shall assist the Executive Council to:

1. Receive and disburse all funds.

2. Keep accurate records of financial transactions.

3. Submit required forms to the State in a timely manner.

4. Adhere to financial policies as set forth in State Law.

5. Give financial reports as requested and make the records accessible as requested.


These Bylaws shall be adopted by, and may be altered, amended, or repealed by a simple majority of the total members of the Executive Council at a meeting called upon fourteen (14) days written notice of such contemplated action.

I attest that these Bylaws were adopted by the Executive Council at its meeting on ___________________.


Signed ___________________________________________