Cooper Early Education Center

Infant Toddlers Program


The first years of a child's life are the most important. Giving the right help to infants and toddlers can make a difference that lasts through their lifetimes. Harvey County families with infants or toddlers (from birth to three years of age) who have developmental delays or disabilities are entitled to our early intervention services at no cost to them.

The Harvey County Infant Toddler Team consists of early childhood special education teachers, speech language, pathologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, social workers, psychologists, audiologists, nurses, and vision consultants. We use a primary service provider model which supports the family through interest based learning opportunities. This evidence-based approach emphasizes the powerful learning opportunities that happen as part of children's participation in everyday family and community life.

How it works:
  • Our team works together with each family to identify and use everyday activities as the primary sources for children to learn and build their skills and abilities.
  • Families learn to use their children's interests and abilities as the basis for intervention in a rich variety of everyday family, community and/or early childhood settings and activities.
  • Interest-based activities become the source of children's learning and development.
  • Families learn specific strategies for supporting their children's participation in and learning through everyday activities.
  • Children receive increased chances to practice existing abilities and learn new skills.